May 29, 2023

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Best Office Spaces in Porto

Are you an entrepreneur looking to rent office space or a freelancer searching for a place to work for a couple of days or weeks? Then, this dynamic city has a lot more for you. With best-in-class amenities and a great corporate ecosystem mixed with ambient productive vibes, it can be the best place for you to work at. In this blog, we will cover the best office spaces and coworking in Porto.

Best Office Spaces in Porto

Here is a list of the best office spaces in Porto:

1. CRU – Cowork

CRU is absolutely an interesting space for freelancers of the creative industry, as it is situated in the center of the art district in Porto. It is an amazing space for creative activities mixed with a coffee bar and space for art exhibitions. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or professional, then you can definitely rent an office space in this coworking space Porto.

Address: Rua do Rosário, 211

2. Selina Cowork

Located in the Arab building, Selina Cowork’s building is splendid, with an entire floor devoted to conferences and workshops, another one to hot desks and dedicated desks, and finally, a floor for companies with private offices that can fit in around 28+ people. The meeting space rental for the Selina Cowork is priced at around 200€ / month, which is pretty expensive. The price may reduce to between 180€ and 220€ / month if you choose one of the loyalty plans they provide. The loyalty plans include – Basic Nomad for one month, True Nomad for three months, or Country Nomad for six months.

Address: Rua José Falcão, 199

3. Vertical Coworking with Meeting Space Rental

Vertical Coworking in Porto is the best place for productive working. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a team or a professional, the best coworking space Porto offers hot desks, dedicated desks, virtual offices, and private offices. In terms of amenities, you get access to gaming zones, meeting space rental, and high-speed Wifi. The best part about this coworking is that it also has Ev charging sockets to park your electric vehicles and charge them with ease.

Address: R. Guedes de Azevedo 131, 4000-111 Porto, Portugal

4. Synergyy Coworking

It is an amazing offices spaces located in Porto. This space is designed in a way that combines with an event space for networking and training to connect ideas and people together at a common platform. It offers amazing amenities like High-Speed Wifi, Meeting space rental, shared workspaces, and lots more. In terms of pricing, the price of a hot desk starts at around € 100 per month, while private offices for two members start at € 271 per month.


The office spaces at the coworking space Porto offer a great environment for professionals and entrepreneurs to work together. It not only has a productive setup but also provides access to parking, wifi, an in-house cafe, meeting space rentals, and lots more. So if you are looking for an amazing coworking experience, then Porto is the best place for you.