December 4, 2022

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Finding Sustainable Smartphones in 2022

Table of contents

  1. Newer iPhones
  2. Fairphone
  3. Teracube 2e
  4. Final Word

Big tech companies like Samsung are working tirelessly to manufacture advanced gadgets, such as smart TVs and smart home devices. When we continue to incorporate more of such tech into our daily lives, depending on high-speed Internet for even mundane daily tasks, we also need to be a little more thoughtful about the beautiful planet that we have our lives built on.

Luckily, there are companies and manufacturers who care about the environment just as much as some of us do. They are focused on producing some of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly smartphones so the impact on the environment due to our everyday activity is minimized.

While you are switching to advanced technologies like fiber internet for faster speeds, make sure you are also investing in good quality sustainable smartphones so that you can do your part in saving the planet.

The number of sustainable phones in the market is quite limited, which is why we have listed down and reviewed some of the most popular and successful smartphones that you can choose from.

  • Newer iPhones

Even though Apple is not particularly a sustainable company or advertises itself as one, its new iPhone models such as the iPhone 13 still have certain features and manufacturing processes involved that make the iPhone much more sustainable than ever.

Apple focuses on reducing its carbon emissions and radiations, and makes its phones more environmentally friendly by using recycled materials, energy-efficient means of production, and eco-friendly packaging.

Apple is trying to make its phones much more sustainable by:

  1. Use of upcycled plastic in the iPhone’s components
  2. Using Sticker strip for sealing the phone box instead of a plastic wrap
  3. IP68 water and dirt proof increase its durability
  4. 95% of iPhone 13’s packaging is made of fiber-based and recycled materials
  5. Increased battery life means that the phones will use less electricity for recharging
  6. Apple has a special program called the Supplier Clean Energy Program that ensures that all Apple suppliers will use a hundred percent renewable energy

Fairphone is particularly a company that is concerned with manufacturing sustainable smartphones. Its most recent models are the Fairphone 3+ and the Fairphone 4. All their phones are made out of recycled materials and high-quality aluminum that is recyclable itself. Their smartphones are made in a way that they have a minimal environmental impact. However, this does not mean that the phones are short of any good and advanced features.

The latest model, Fairphone 4, is easily repairable. In fact, it comes with a handy screwdriver that you can use to repair the phone instantly. If not repairable by you, the company gives a 5-year warranty with it too, so you can use the phone for a longer period of time.

The biggest highlight of this sustainable phone is that it also has 5G connectivity in it. Therefore, you can enjoy high-speed internet and view high-res videos on its 6.3 inches, HD display.

Teracube is a company based in Washington, started off as a Kickstarter. Teracube phones are made with the vision to challenge the disposable nature of mainstream smartphones and how customers like you and I feel the constant need of upgrading our phones due to less durability.

Teracube 2e is easily repairable and also comes with a 4-year warranty that ensures its longevity and therefore reduces its disposable nature.

Some of the most important features you will find in the Teracube 2e are:

  • Dual rear camera (12 and 8 mp)
  • A powerful Octa-Core processor
  • 64 GB storage with additional expandability
  • Long-lasting 4000 mAh battery
  • A 4-year manufacturer warranty

Tara cube insurance at all its phones are sustainable call mom ethical, and environmentally friendly by:

  • Using ethically sourced materials
  • Relying on ethical labor and working conditions
  • Providing cheaper repairs

Final Word

There is no doubt that technology has advanced intensively in the past few years. We are seeing technologies like VR, 5G, and fiber internet become so common that virtually anything is possible just by the click of a button. Having a high-speed, reliable internet connection at home is a basic necessity we cannot possibly live without. Companies and even governments are putting in extra effort to make rural internet much faster and easily accessible. However, with so much advancement, also comes the responsibility of making wise choices and doing things in a way that causes minimal damage to our planet. Keep an eye out on what your smartphones and other tech gadgets are made of, are they manufactured by ethical labor, and is the company trying to become more sustainable or not.