US presidential debate: Chaotic, rancorous – and the biggest loser was the American people | US News

It was the most anticipated debate in 30 years. It may go down as the worst ever- a train wreck, or as they say Stateside, a hot mess.

It was chaotic, rancorous and very, very short on substance. President Trump defied the rules and the moderator, coming out as a street fighter from the start.

For the first half, Biden struggled for air time, dominated by his loud opponent. The biggest loser was the American public- deprived of a debate at a pivotal time for the country’s health, economy and stability.

The aim of the debate is to get people to vote. I’m not sure that this circus act of mudslinging and panto like cross-talk will have inspired many.

Decency was cast aside. As Biden talked about his dead son Beau, Trump interrupted to attack his living son, Hunter.

But it was his failure to condemn white supremacy that will replayed for days to come by Democrats. He didn’t pivot. This was a classic Trumpian base play.

Biden put in a moderate performance. But it may be enough to be deemed the winner. The president wanted to rile Biden, but he didn’t do enough.

He had a chance to play to moderates and undecideds- he didn’t take it. He didn’t look or sound like a man trying to gain ground in the six battleground sates where he trails.

It was just like Trump at a rally- as if everyone watching was a believer. It was a huge risk to take.

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