According to the survey and statistics, the web design of your site accounts for 94% of first impressions, and 75% of website trustworthiness is built on its design too. 

Thus, web host providers or Reseller Hosting plans must make their websites appealing to visitors. 

As operating in Reseller Hosting, a business having a professional website to showcase your Linux reseller Hosting services or more with attractive design and enhanced functionality will increase the chances of attracting visitors to buy Reseller Hosting from your website only. 

However, if you built your website on WordPress, choosing the best theme according to your needs is essential. 

So let’s explore the best WordPress themes to take the first step toward your Reseller Web Hosting website’s success. 

Best WordPress Themes for Reseller Accounts

Here are a few credible WordPress themes and their features you can look into to make your website by taking care of your websites needs of features and functionalities are:

  1. Divi

Divi is widespread and is utilized by over 2 million websites globally. It is a flexible WordPress theme with a drag-and-drop builder, making it simple to design unique websites without much technical or coding experience. 

In addition, it includes multiple pre-designed themes and layout possibilities, allowing resellers to tailor their website to their businesses’ branding and services.

  1. Astra

Astra is the number one most installed WordPress theme in the WordPress repository as it comes with 100 free pre-built and 250+ starter templates in their pro version. 

The Astra theme has a page layout and unique styling options for every page for transparent menus. 

It is a lightweight and highly adaptable WordPress theme well-known for its speed and performance. 

  1. Avada

Avada is an attractive choice for the beginner as it is intuitive, easy to use, and does not require any coding knowledge. 

Moreover, it offers custom content layouts, customized styling, pre-built website demos, a user-friendly fusion builder, and a library of font options and elements, making it flexible enough for professionals to customize. 

In addition, Avada is known for its scalability and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for Reseller Hosting providers.

  1. OceanWP

OceanWP is the 5th most popular on the Entire Internet in the WordPress Theme category. Its main draw is the power of customization through which you can create the structure for content or take more control over your theme in general. 

In addition, it comes with a user-friendly manner via the WordPress Customizer, including deep WooCommerce support. 

OceanWP is a lightweight WordPress theme suitable for reseller accounts, and it is mainly known for its mobile responsiveness and compatibility with popular page builders.

  1. Hestia 

Hestia WordPress is another versatile and powerful theme option for professional and visually appealing Reseller Hosting websites. 

It is developed by combining an elegant design with a user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice. 

Furthermore, it offers a modern and clean design suitable for different devices and screen sizes, custom layouts, and designs with drag-and-drop functionality. 

These pre-built demo sites cover a range of industries and niches and have high performance with Hestia giving a smooth user experience.


Selecting a suitable WordPress theme is essential to give your web hosting business website a unique identity and attract more potential customers. 

Make sure that your theme will align with their specific need make sure that your theme will align with their specific needs, goals, and purpose. 

And it offers enhanced functionality and performance to increase your business’s credibility and move toward online success.